Wedding Dress Styles – Trains

Here is a list of terms associated with types of wedding dress trains:



The cathedral train is the most formal style train typically around seven feet long. For this option you will definitely need a handler (maid of honor) to help keep the train in check by keeping it from getting wrinkled up or crushed. Because of the grand nature of a cathedral train you would typically wear one if you are having a traditional and formal church wedding.


This train extends around five feet behind you and provides an elegant touch without to much fuss. This offers you a perfect in between size so this train isn’t to short or to long. The chapel train is more of a semi-formal choice.


The brush train is a very minimal train, as it just barely surrounds the dress. There aren’t any particular rules about this train as it is appropriate for any type of wedding. It’s a great choice to have at a more casual wedding especially if you really want a train.

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