Wedding Dress Styles – Necklines

Below is a list of terms associated with various types of wedding dress necklines.


Sweet Heart

This neckline shapes around each breast and forms a high curve coming down to a point. Essentially suggesting the appearance of what looks like the top of a heart. This neckline is featured quite often on strapless gowns.


The fabric forms a straight line and connects the shoulders. This is a great choice for someone with a larger bust, as the neckline draws the eye upward toward the collarbone. Long, short or non-existent are just a few of your sleeve options when choosing this neckline.


Just as it sounds this neckline dips down into the shape of a "V." You can opt for a deep plunging V or a soft more traditional V shape coming to a point in the middle of the chest. This neckline is perfect when you really want to wear a necklace, as many varietys of jewelry complement this neckline.

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