Wedding Decorations from Mother Nature

Nature offers all types of beautiful decorations. For those of you who climbed apple trees a lot as a child or grew up on a farm nature may bring back a lot of fond memories as well. When looking for wedding decorations and centerpiece ideas take a peek outdoors. Beautiful and rich colors can be found in nature everywhere you look. Whether you are choosing a muted palette or bright and bold colors, you are sure to find plenty of natural choices to choose from.

Not only can natural items look beautiful but many of them smell as good as they look!

Decorations vary from working with a certain color scheme to a season. Great ways to incorporate nature include:

  • Filling large glass vases with lemons or limes
  • Cleaning pumpkins filling them water and a small floating candle.
  • Fill bowls with dried berries and acorns
  • Toss fall leaves in lieu of rose petals down the aisle.
  • Dust pine cones with gold glitter and place in galvanized pails.
  • Tag apples with the escort cards.

Don’t forget to incorporate natural items as favors as well. Large bushels of apples located near the exit with brown paper bags for the guests to fill as they leave are a sweet treat. You can also use offer activities for the little ones. Set up a table with pine cones, bird seed, peanut butter, and string so the children can make take home bird feeders

You are really only limited by your imagination. So, take a look around and see what nature has to offer for you!

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