Wedding Day Make-Up

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life and you want to look your best. Many brides spend so much time choosing their dress, shoes and hairstyle that they tend to forget the importance of their wedding day make-up. Applying make-up for your special day can be tricky because you don’t want to overdo it, yet at the same time you don’t want to look too ordinary. Here are a few tips to create that perfect wedding day look:

  1. Make sure your make-up is properly applied to enhance your appearance, especially for your wedding photos. Too much make-up, the wrong make-up, or improperly applied make-up can have the opposite effect. Heavy eyeliner or false eyelashes can cast unwanted shadows over the eyes and cheeks. No make-up can give you a washed out appearance, especially if you are fair skinned.
  2. Consider hiring a professional make-up artist to do the make-up for the entire bridal party. If you decide to do your own make-up, the best advice is to practice until you achieve the look you want. It is not necessary to buy expensive products. Use your regular make-up or consult a professional salesperson at a department store to find products that best suit your skin and features, and how to apply them.
  3. Have a make-up rehearsal prior to your wedding day.  The last thing you want on your wedding day is to find out that the make-up you were planning on using doesn’t look very good.  Then you would have to scramble around trying to find make-up that does work.  Trying your make-up out ahead of time also gives you the opportunity to try out several looks and get advice from family and friends.
  4. You want to achieve a clean, natural look for your wedding day. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to know your skin type. It is important to use the right foundation for your skin type and color. If you have oily skin, choose a water- based matte foundation that will not add unwanted oil to your skin. If you have dry skin, a fluid foundation can enhance your skin with its added oils.  The foundation you choose should blend with your natual skin tone. Once the foundation has been applied, check the color in natural sunlight. Other lighting types may affect your appearance. You will know you have a good match when the foundation on your jaw line matches your neck.
  5. To get your make-up to last throughout your wedding day and look good in photos, it is important to use powder. The powder will not only ‘set’ the make-up giving it a longer, lasting effect, but it also helps in reducing unwanted shine. You may have to periodically reapply powder throughout the day to achieve this.
  6. Your wedding makes for a very emotional day, so everything you put on your face should be water- or smudge-proof, especially your mascara. It is a good idea to use a new tube of mascara on your wedding day because older mascara has a tendency to clump.
  7. Apply concealer with a sponge to cover any blemishes and to hide any dark circles under your eyes.
  8. Use a lip liner pencil to draw a natural lip line, which will help prevent lipstick from running.  Be sure to blend it into your lips with a cotton swab and cover with matching lipstick.  Apply a small dollop of lip gloss to the center of your lips to make them appear fuller.
  9. Try not to get too much sun before your wedding.  You don’t want to be burnt or peeling on the big day.
  10. Stick to a classic or neutral look.  Try to avoid make-up trends, as they will soon look dated in your wedding photos.

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