Wedding Day Hair Tips and Considerations

When choosing a hairstyle for your wedding day there are plenty of things to consider. Keep in mind your face shape, is it oval, square, heart or round. Certain styles can make your face shape stand out in very unflattering ways. If you have a long face you will not want a style piled up and cinched very tight on the top of your head, this will only elongate your face more.

Play around with different styles and be sure to meet with your hair stylist a few times to discuss what look you are going for and then do a few trial runs. What looks great on hair models may not work on you so plenty of trial runs on different styles are a must. Make sure that you understand your hair and what it will and will not do. Discuss this with your beautician right away because not only does she know your hair, but she understands hair, in general. With that said, she can offer insight as to what she knows will hold up for eight plus hours and what she knows will not stay up past the kiss.

If you plan on coloring your hair at all, do so about four months prior to your wedding. This will allow plenty of time for touch ups. Also a cut should be done about two – three weeks prior to the wedding just a sort of "clean-up" to update the shape of your style. It may not sound like good advice but seriously, don’t wash your hair the day of the event. You know just as well as stylists know, hair that has second day styling always looks better. Smooth hair often times will not hold a style well.

You should meet with your beautician for a consultation about four months ahead of time. At this time you should bring any hair accessories you plan on wearing like the veil and or if you’d like to wear a fascinator or hair jewels this way your stylist can look at them and advise you on what styles will coordinate with them. Work with the stylist to be sure that the hair accessories will fit and stay put. Make sure the style you choose compliments your wedding day look and style consider the formality of the event and be sure to look like yourself just a more fabulous version!

Because you definitely do not want to be rushed on the big day, make sure you time the style. For that matter, you do not want to sit for an unnecessary amount of time looking gorgeous prior to the wedding. Really, pay attention to how much movement you are getting by with and how long your hair is holding up. A great idea is to take photographs of each style and look at different angles and make sure it looks great from all angles. Study those photos and make sure you look terrific at every angle.

This is your day, it’s very important that you look and feel good all day long. Try your best to not get caught up in thinking everyone’s opinion matters just yours, your stylists, and maybe a few close friends. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but try to just have fun being pampered.

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