Wedding Customs of Other Countries Part 2

Ireland: A swatch of Irish lace sewn into the bride’s wedding gown is thought to bring good luck.

Italy: There are no old shoes or clanging cans on the rear bumper of the newlywed’s car. Instead, the front grill is decorated with flowers and ribbons to symbolize the way to a happy life together.

Japan: During the ceremony the bride will leave three or four times to change clothes! The groom wears one black kimono during the entire ceremony.

Lithuania: The parents of the bride and groom give them gifts symbolizing the elements of marriage; wine for joy, salt for tears and bread for work.

Mexico: The couple is joined together by a long, white, silk cord wrapped around their shoulders.

Philippines: The bride wears an apron with pockets during the reception and when a guest “pays” her they may then have a dance with the bride.

Romania: Guests shower the newlyweds with candy and nuts, meant to symbolize prosperity.

Russia: All non-family members who attend the wedding receive a gift from the bride and groom. Guests do not bring gifts!

Spain: The bride and groom wear their wedding bands on their right hands.

Sweden: Brides carry bouquets of herbs and the groom’s attire come with some thyme sewn in a seam.

Switzerland: The wedding begins with junior bridesmaids throwing handkerchiefs to the guests. If you catch one you are supposed to give the couple money to help them as they start their new life together.

Wales: A blooming myrtle is thought to predict another wedding, so the bride gives her attendants a gift of myrtle the day of her wedding.

Some of these customs may seem odd but there are ways to incorporate new elements to any ceremony. Make your wedding ceremony unique and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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