Ways to Save on Wedding Invitations

Am I the only one totally depressed by the fact that I can’t turn on the TV without hearing how hard the financial times are right now? I was doing a little research and typed in the word “Eco” on Google and “Economic Crisis” was the 6th word in their search suggestions list – crazy!!

For all those brides out there planning a wedding during the current “economic crisis” – making savvy financial choices is more important than ever. The ladies here at The Green Kangaroo totally sympathize, and have quite a few options when it comes to helping brides save on their wedding stationery.

1. Do-it-yourself . . . all-the-way-baby!!

This option is for those brides who want to swap bucks for time (and maybe a few gray hairs). After having a number of brides inquire about buying our exclusive pockets so they can print and assemble their wedding invitations themselves, we launched the DIY portion of our website. Here you will find pockets, printing paper, envelopes, ribbon, adhesive, etc. to print and assemble your own wedding invitations.

2. DIY . . . gimme the burger, but hold the bun!!

Our most popular DIY option – this option is available on any wedding invitation that involves assembly. For instance – our Josie Claire pocket invitation is $7.20 each for 100 pockets, which normally arrive fully assembled – but if you choose to layer the invites to the pockets yourself, you save $1.10 each (that’s a 110 bucks!). The great part about this option is that your wedding invites will be professionally printed and you don’t have to wrestle with your printer at home to print (then cut all those pieces!).

3. I’m a designer and I’ve already “done it” . . . now I need help producing my perfect wedding invite!!

One of the most rewarding aspects of working at The Green Kangaroo is the collaboration between the bride and our design staff to put her ideas on paper. Though this is not what you typically think of when one says, DIY, we have lots of graphic designer brides (or grooms-to-be) work with us in order to produce totally custom (and professionally printed) wedding invitation ensembles. And though this does not directly save money, what you have is a HUGE bang for your buck (aka VALUE).

We will be talking about this further in future blogs, so stay tuned!

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