Top Locations for a Picturesque Fall Wedding – Part 2

A Wedding at an Orchard

By definition, an orchard is an area with intentionally planted trees and shrubs, intended for food production. Although this sounds like a simple garden, they can be a perfect location for a wedding. An orchard wedding is very similar to a farm wedding; the main difference is that fresh fruits such as blueberries, apples, cherries and much more, surround an orchard. Both focus on the surrounding landscape, so the weather and temperature must be taken into account, but an orchard’s fruits along with the autumn foliage create an ideal location to hold your fall wedding. If you enjoy the outdoors, an orchard wedding is sure to meet your satisfaction; especially in the fall.

For couples living in Northern California, The Orchard at the Ranch is an amazing and scenic locale. Nestled in beautiful Somis, California, this ranch provides everything you need for a wedding including a reception hall. Aside from these necessities, you receive a 76-acre wonderland. This location provides a breathtaking view surrounded by trees and mountains. A gazebo is surrounded by a lush forest of trees creating the ideal location for pictures with your family and spouse.

Although California and Massachusetts provide some fascinating locations for a fall wedding, you do not need to travel to find the scenery you want. There are many local alternatives, which do not require much travel. If you want to get married locally, begin by compiling a list of local farms, historic sites, and even state parks. These are all excellent choices for a picturesque fall wedding.

Old Churches

An old church provides an opportunity for a scenic and rewarding wedding experience. These historic structures are mostly made of stone and are surrounded by trees and shrubbery. An old church is a romantic and scenic location, and is an excellent choice for a fall wedding. If possible, an old church nest to a forest or state park is ideal. This will only add to the beauty of the church, and will also give your guests an area to explore throughout the day.

Local Parks

There are many local and state operated parks around the country. These locations contain many trees and other foliage that look wonderful in the autumn. Imagine being joined by your family and friends surrounded by the fall foliage, colorful leaves and trees. This image is a serene experience that you must experience to believe.

Autumn is an ideal season when it comes to planning a wedding. The changing color of the autumn leaves and gentle breeze create a dreamlike atmosphere. Many great fall wedding locations include farms, orchards, old churches and state parks. These locations provide a great mix of history and natural beauty that make them worth looking into for your wedding. One recommended tip for finding the best location is to plan your wedding at least year in advance and preview these locations. This can help make the decision of where to get married much easier. This allows you to see the location and you may know what to expect when you big day arrives.

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