Top Locations for a Picturesque Fall Wedding – Part 1

Many couples choose autumn as the time of year to hold their wedding. Autumn is the harvest season and during this time of year, many festivals are available. Autumn provides a peaceful and transformative atmosphere which is perfect for a wedding. The main benefits of a fall wedding are temperature, foliage, and wedding locations. There are many great wedding locations, but it is up to the bride and groom to choose the best location for the theme of their wedding. The top locations for a fall wedding are a farm, vineyard, orchard and an old church if possible. The following are wedding locations you are sure to remember for a long time.

Weddings at a Farm

Farms provide a extremely scenic location in the fall, especially considering the changing leaves, the livestock in the fields, as well as barns, silos and other buildings close by. If you are looking for a vacation that combines natural beauty with old and historic buildings, an old farm is a great location for your wedding. Farms are located all over the world and you are sure to find one you like without traveling a great distance.

The Harrington Farm

For those individuals living in the New-England area who are looking for a top-notch location for a fall wedding, the Harrington Farm may suit your needs. This farm is located in a quite country town in the state of Massachusetts. In the fall, you can witness the colorful leaves blowing around in the light autumn breeze. This farm has a main house, which was built in the 1700s. This alone makes the Harrington Farm a great place to hold a wedding. This farm is a popular wedding location because of the beautiful view. After your ceremony, you do not have to go very far because a reception hall is also available which holds up to 200 guests.

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