Things to Consider for Wedding Reception Venue

When discussing all the fees, deadlines, and wedding mumbo jumbo, things become confusing. So, assembled below is a sort of guide to look over that way when you go on the prowl for the perfect reception backdrop you’ll have an idea of what you need to be prepared for.

Your reception location will need to carry through the tone of your event. So, scope out locations like ballrooms, parks, local recreation centers etc. There are millions of possibilities all around you. Pick your room (if the place you’ve chosen offers more than one) as soon as you make your decision. If the venue you are holding your reception at has several rooms to choose from you may even want to pick a back up room. Be sure to check your date as soon as you can and think about the fact that certain times of year are very popular. For example a spring wedding requires a call made way in advance.

When going to book your room make sure you have a list of as many details as you can. You will need to let them know of room set up times, equipment needs (mic stands), how many tables you will need and how you want them set up. Are you having them cater (if you have a choice), what color of tablecloths would you like, and napkins? Give them an idea now and keep your event coordinator updated!

Check into whether or not you can bring in your own food. Most places like parks and community centers allow you to bring in your own food. Chances are if the venue itself has their own catering company you must have them cater your meal. But even a lot of those places allow a few things to be brought in such as a cake, mints and nuts. Also, be sure to look into their rules regarding alcohol. Must they provide all alcohol or can you bring in any of your own? Is alcohol even allowed on premises?

Typically your venue will write up a contract for you to sign outlining the details of what has been ordered and what services will be rendered. Most likely at this time you will pay a deposit. Deposits help to secure your spot. Make sure to ask if they are refundable and if they go toward your total bill.

About two weeks before your event most venues will ask for an accurate headcount. This is very important to ensure that the correct amount of everything will be available for your big day. So be sure to keep on top of the guest list or put someone in charge of that for you.

Another thing to look into and be sure to understand are all the additional charges. Things like a service fee and or gratuity costs can add up quickly. These are charges added on to the entire total before the tip. In most states the gratuity charge is taxable by law and the vendor has to pay taxes on it. Remember that a tip is different and is based on your feelings regarding the service you received.

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