The Wedding Ring – Superstitions


There are many superstitions associated with the wedding ring. Here are a few:

  • It is unlucky to go shopping for wedding rings on a Friday, due to the bad luck associated with that day (Friday the 13th).
  • It is unlucky for the bride or groom to wear their rings before the wedding ceremony, Once the wedding ring has been placed on the finger, it is considered bad luck to remove it. If the ring accidentally comes off, your spouse must replace it on your finger.
  • Dropping the ring during the ceremony is an evil omen. Whoever dropped the ring would die first. If the ring rolls away from the alter and rested on a gravestone in the floor of the chapel, it would mean the bride would die first if the person buried there was a woman; the groom would die first if it was a man.
  • A tight ring might point to painful jealousy or the stifling of one party by the other.
  • Having the wedding ring(s) blessed by a clergyman is believed to give the ring the power to rid disease and guard the wearer from devils.
  • A ring that is too loose could mean a parting of the ways through careless acts of forgetfulness.

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