The Groom’s Checklist – Part 1

Ten to Twelve Months Before the Wedding:

  • Discuss the style of the wedding and the budget with your fiancee and both sets of parents
  • Assist in the selection of your wedding invitations
  • Along with your fiancee, select your minister

Six Months Before the Wedding

  • Choose your best man
  • Decide how many ushers you will need and select them. It is recommended that you have one usher per every 50 guests.
  • Meet with the minister to discuss the ceremony
  • Start your guest list
  • Select a gift registry
  • Discuss honeymoon plans. If you plan on traveling abroad, get all documents required for travel (passports, visas, etc.)

Three Months Before the Wedding:

  • Give your fiancee your completed guest list
  • Order wedding attire for yourself, the groomsmen, fathers and ring bearer
  • Arrange transportation to the ceremony and reception (limousine, carriage, etc.)
  • Complete honeymoon plans (buy tickets, book hotel, etc.)
  • Order wedding rings and have them engraved
  • Arrange to pay for the bride’s bouquet and going-away corsage
  • Order boutonnieres for men, and corsages for mothers
  • See your doctor for exams and blood test if required

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