The Clock is Ticking …

on Holiday Card orders! Due to crazy demand from our super savvy customers, we are closing orders for Holiday Cards at the close of business on December 10th – tomorrow! So if you’ve been putting off getting that order in, don’t delay any longer. (And if you’ve ordered, but haven’t finalized your proofs, those must be approved no later than December 14th).

We’ve been featuring a different unique Holiday Card design on Facebook and Twitter for the last week, so we hope you’ve had a chance to select your favorite. But if not, swing on in to our online collection and check out all of our new designs as well as our traditional favorites. Thanks for letting The Green Kangaroo be a part of your holiday season!

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One thought on “The Clock is Ticking …

  1. Jessi Rae Juart

    Guess I didn’t get mine ordered in time. I just can’t seem to plan far enough ahead of time! Nice job girls!


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