The Candy Corner

There is an extremely popular trend emerging from the New England area of the United States, referred to as a Candy Station. This is an especially big hit at child friendly wedding receptions.  And yes — there ARE child friendly wedding receptions!  These Candy Stations can be as elaborate, or as simple as your style and budget dictates.

If the style of your wedding is informal, or on the casual side, consider taking one corner of the reception venue and arranging clear glass canisters filled with different types of old fashioned penny candies. If you are planning a formal wedding, designate one table to showcase an array of truffles, or other bite sized morsels. Chocolate covered pretzels, raisins and nuts would also be a welcome addition to any Candy Station. For a wedding in the fall, order candy apples for all of your guests, and tie the wooden sticks with a small ribbon to go with your color scheme.

Keep in mind that the candy you offer should stay in keeping with your overall color scheme. Stay away from the neon colored jelly beans and shocking pink bubble gum, unless of course, it does go with your wedding colors.

If you have a relative, or close friend, who is “famous” for their fudge or other homemade sweets, you may want to commission her or him, to prepare you a special order. This candy could be packaged in small, white boxes for your guests to take home. Most stationery companies offer these boxes for just such purposes. Some will even print the bride and groom’s names on the lid. For added elegance insert tissue paper before the candy is placed inside. The tissue paper could be in the color of your decor, for even more flair.

A Candy Corner will give you another opportunity to be creative. Use your imagination and start the trend in your area. This is a delightful addition to any wedding reception and your guests will surely remember how “sweet” it was.

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