The Art of the Thank You Note

As a true GRITS gal (that stands for Girls Raised In The South), my mama taught me at an early age that writing thank you notes was more than just a social nicety – it was an absolute requirement! Many women however aren’t raised by steel magnolias wielding Mont Blanc pens. Some gals are at a loss for how to deal with a mountain of wedding gifts and a blank stack of cards with their new married name engraved on the front. Fear not! Writing thank you notes, though a time-consuming task, can actually be enjoyable if approached carefully.

Rule #1: Do not attempt to write all thank you notes at once.

– Set yourself small goals, such as writing 5 notes each evening. Breaking the task into small, manageable chunks will keep you from getting burned out and will help your wedding day manicure last a bit longer.

Rule #2: Make it personal.

– The key to a lovely thank you note is to make it personal. By all means, avoid the temptation to copy one of those generic wedding thank you note templates off the Internet! Your guests will pick up on an impersonal, perfunctory tone. These people went to considerable time, expense, and effort to attend the wedding, not to mention purchase your gift, so honor that expression with a nod to your relationship with each person.

Rule #3: Keep it concise.

– Personal notes don’t have to be long! With the exception of dedicated wedding compatriots (like your maid of honor or your mom and dad), you do not have to write a treatise to each gift giver. Simply offer your thanks, make a few personal comments, and sign your name. 4-5 sentences should suffice for nearly all notes.

Next week, we’ll take a look at specific strategies to get your creative juices flowing and to keep each note from sounding like a word-for-word repetition of the other! In the meantime, we’ll leave you with inspiration for attacking those notes with some of our personal favorites from our note card gallery … enjoy!

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