The Art of the Thank You Note, Part Deux

Newly married couples are very often blessed with mountains of gifts from friends and loved ones in celebration of their marriage. But it can be truly difficult to face writing a thank you note to each generous gift-giver, especially in the exhausted wake of throwing a wedding! To follow up on last week’s posting about thank you notes, here are just a few, specific, simple tips for keeping those notes from sounding as if they were copied straight from the back of your wedding planning manual:

Tip #1: Don’t just say thank you.

– “Thank you for the crock pot” is about as uninspired a line as they come! Tell the giver how much you look forward to trying out new recipes in the crock pot or reflect how much simpler it will make dinner preparations on busy work days. It’s so much more fun to give a gift when you feel the recipient truly appreciates it! And though this probably goes without saying, even if you’re less than thrilled with the item, received multiple versions, or have any other beef with the present, you still need to find something kind to say about it!

Tip #2: Recall a personal remembrance from the event.

– Let Aunt Eugenia know how lovely she looked in her lilac crepe pant suit and congratulate cousin Beau on his well-practiced dance moves. Referring to a personal memory lets the gift giver know how happy you were to have them there, even if you weren’t able to spend lots of time chatting with them at the wedding itself.

Tip #3: Wrap it up with a sweet sentiment.

– Closing your note with a thought on how much the givers’ friendship/support /thoughtfulness means to you is an excellent way to further personalize the note. Even if it’s not your style to be a sappy sentimentalist, expressing your feelings in your own manner will imbue the note with warmth and sincerity.

Allocate a sentence or two to each of these tips, and you’ll easily develop thank you notes that are personalized, warm, occasionally humorous, and all together a pleasure for the gift giver to read. And who knows, you just might find yourself enjoying this thank you note process after all!

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