Take Me Away to a Luau Getaway!

Summer is here and it’s time for a getaway! But with gas prices high and vacation budgets low, bring the Islands home with a Luau that sweeps you away to a tropical paradise… right in your own back yard!

Greet your guests at the door with a fragrant orchid lei and a cool and refreshing tropical drink garnished with exotic fruit and a fun and whimsical umbrella straw. Then let the mouth-watering aromas of tender, teriyaki short ribs, tangy mango glazed wings, and sweet pineapple, grilled on the barbeque, draw them outside for some tasty appetizers, to get the party started. Get your family and friends in on the planning and make it an Island flavored potluck. Assemble a list of traditional island ingredients and let each guest pick an ingredient from the list and bring a dish with that predominant ingredient …coconut, mango, papaya, pork, Maui onions, seafood, macadamia nuts, to name a few. And don’t let those bachelors get away with bringing a bag of chips or a six pack of soda! They can bring the tiki torches, a suitcase full of sand and sea shells, or even a cooler of shaved ice and flavored syrups for snow cones for the kids! Get creative, get it together and get those invitations out!

We offer an assortment of Luau invitations as unique and beautiful as the Islands, themselves. Trade out browsing through travel brochures for browsing a collection of Luau invitations that will take you to your destination….

Your guests will feel the sway of the palms in the trade winds as they open their Palm Trees invitation… perfect for a luau and great for many other occasions with a tropical theme, or celebration at the beach, be it a luau, a beach baptism, an end-of- the- year school party, a family reunion or a good old fashioned clam dig! Get your guests in the mood at first glance of the invitation. Then get the party started by slipping some coconut confetti inside the card for a little extra surprise!

Hawaiian Shirt (no longer available) is another great luau invitation and is also a perfect choice for a tropical themed bachelor party or poolside retirement party. On the back of the envelope glue a tropical colored shirt button on the point of the closure flap, for a fun embellishment.

Hula Feet Invitation (no longer available) sets the theme for a fun luau or beach party invitation, and is a great choice for that barefoot beach wedding’s rehearsal dinner. Purchase some raffia or a natural color grass skirt at your local party shop and cut it into long strands. Tie a bow around the envelope like you would a gift package and for a little extra style, thread some white seashells on to each end, and tie a knot. Slip the whole “package” into a padded envelope, have the post office hand stamp it and your party is on its way!

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