Sweet Nothings – Part 5


Load up the iPod! Instead of hiring an expensive DJ or band, just rent some powerful speakers and make a few great playlists. It’s the best way to ensure you’ll hear the songs you want to hear, anyway. Bonus Idea — Send guests home with a CD full of the most memorable songs from your DIY wedding album. Your guests will think of you and your wedding every time they put the CD into rotation.


Instead of renting a truck-full of chairs, consider buying (or building!) long, banquet-style table and wooden benches. You can cover them with beautiful fabric or let the natural wood create a rustic effect, and they’ll allow your guests to sit comfortably without having to pay for lots of expensive rentals (and the cost of setup). For a smaller outdoor affair, you could choose to go totally comfy and casual and invite guests to sit on oversized pillows and blankets on the grass. Ideas like these are functional and memorable — guests will be thrilled to spend the evening at something other than the standard 10-person circular reception table.

The Guest Book

Consider compiling a scrapbook of photos highlighting the great times with all your friends and family. Guests will love browsing the photos and recalling the memories they’ve shared with you, and they’ll have fun finding places to "sign" by their own pictures!

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