Sweet Nothings – Part 4


Pick a location that’s meaningful to you, and the setting will be perfect no matter how much money you spend. Think outside the box here — local parks, public beaches, restaurants and even bars have the capacity to host your event. So think of someplace special and just ask what they can offer.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to work with what you’ve already got! Hosting the wedding reception in your parent’s back yard? Play up the natural beauty of the green trees with minimalist white lights and hanging lanterns. The effect will be beautiful.. .and inexpensive to execute. What’s more, guests will feel that special feeling that comes naturally with celebrating literally in your own backyard! If you’re splurging on a decadent reception at your favorite fancy restaurant, play up the elegance that already exists with candles casting a natural glow from every angle. It’s an incredibly inexpensive way to add a dramatic, elegant effect.


Mismatched china can create a gorgeous, trendy effect. Rummage through your own collection, borrow from family and friends, or scour local shops for deals on small quantities of plates and bowls. Stick to one color theme (all things white, cream, and gold look fabulously shabby-chic together), or go for a more colorful feel with vibrant, mismatched hues, shapes, and sizes. The effect will be cozy and completely unstuffy. . . and it’s a great way to bring in family heirlooms or pieces that are sentimental to you.

Guest Favors

Goodie bags with coupons and mementos of your favorite places along with the stories that make them special (10% at the restaurant where you had your first date, free entrance to the museum where you fell in love, a cookie from the bakery that you visit every weekend, etc.) These are all great ways to let your guests feel closer to you on your big day, and they are also things your friends and family will actually use, enjoy, and appreciate.

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