Sweet Nothings – Part 3


Consider serving small portions of your favorite signature dishes in place of an extravagant multi-course meal. Whether you love comfort food (think mac and cheese in shot glasses, and mini cheeseburgers), or have a flair for the exotic (sushi stations, wine and cheese pairings), your guests will appreciate the personal touch of tasting the foods you love. An added bonus is that with this type of meal, guests don’t necessarily need formal seating. You might set up individual serving stations or have cocktail-type seating where guests can graze while socializing.

Another thing to realize is that catering doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. If your reception location allows it, consider bringing in food from your favorite local restaurant. And we don’t necessarily mean 5 star! That casual Mexican spot you go to share margaritas, or the thai place around the corner that know you by name, just might be the perfect solution to your reception needs. And, if you’re willing to go "all-out" with the theme, you can save even more money by serving the meals on paper plates or plastic serving ware from the restaurant itself. Sure, it’s not traditional, but it’s fun! And your guests will be so grateful for the delicious food and festive atmosphere, all they’ll see is charm, not cheap.


Did you discover a great drink on your last vacation together? Why not serve that as your signature cocktail? Another option is to find a local brewery or regional winery and order a few cases of signature wine and beer to serve your guests at the reception and during dinner. By not having an open bar, or by not serving hard alcohol, you’ll save hundreds, and you’ll get the chance to introduce your guests to something new.

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