Sweet Nothings – Part 2

A Few of Your Favorite Things

Step one: we encourage you to think about your favorite things, and the things that are important to you both as a couple, and then find ways to work those details into your wedding. Do you have a favorite park where you love to sit and hang out? Why not host a reception in the park itself? Share a love for old movies? You can project black and white scenes from your favorites on plain white walls for instant, inexpensive drama. Love to travel together? Use postcards from your favorite places as table numbers or even Save the Dates. These are just a few examples of how creative thinking can add impact and save money. Read on for more creative inspiration.

A Little Help From Your Friends

Are you obsessed with your cousin Suzie’s cupcakes? Ask her to bake a huge batch to be stacked as a decadent, different wedding cake. Does your fiance’s best friend play a mean guitar? Invite him to play during the ceremony or even play the music for your first dance. Envious of your mom’s gorgeous handwriting? Ask if she’d be willing to address your wedding invitations or to write guest names on place cards or table settings. Whether as your wedding gift or for a fee, your loved ones will love the opportunity to contribute something meaningful and personal to your big day. By incorporating sweet, nostalgic, and even homemade touches like these, you’ll be sharing a piece of yourself with all your guests.. .and you’ll save yourself some money along the way!

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