Sweet Nothings – Part 1

Inexpensive, Special Details to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Ask any wedding planner, event coordinator, or anyone who has ever attended a memorable reception.. .it’s all the special, personal touches that truly make guests feel welcome and happy to be a part of things. When it comes to your wedding and reception, it’s important to incorporate unique and intimate details that have significance for you and your groom, and will add warmth and personality to your event. In even the most subtle of details, you can tell the story of who you are as a couple, and invite your guests to be a part of your wedding in a very real, very charming way.

Just as important as the effect of these "sweet nothings" is the fact that, during tough economic times, you can find little, meaningful ways to make even the most budget-conscious wedding feel as though it was designed by an A-List wedding planner. Throughout this week, we’d like to offer some stylish, affordable options that will make your wedding completely memorable while staying well under budget.

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