Simply White Wedding Day

Most girls dream of wearing a beautiful, long, white gown on their wedding day and they usually do just that. Now, imagine walking into the reception hail and seeing everything illuminated in white as well!

Billowing, white, transparent fabric hanging from the ceiling along every wall with soft candlelight on every table will add to the heavenly mood. Centerpieces consisting of one creamy white magnolia bloom floating in a water filled glass container placed on top of a round mirror will reflect the light, and enhance the room even more.

Keeping all the decor within your white color scheme will look clean and sleek, but very striking. Infusing your wedding with simple but meaningful details will resonate with your guests. If the reception venue has only dark colored chairs, inquire if they have chair covers in white. If they do not, call your local party rental center. This will be an added expense but well worth the overall effect.

Using a touch of silver ribbon here and there will not only tie in the mirrors, but will add a bit more sparkle to the room. Most caterers use white dinnerware, clear glassware and silver, or stainless steel utensils, so the tables will appear uncluttered and very elegant.

Wedding cakes decorated with only white icing are very beautiful. Cake toppers do not have to be the traditional couple standing arm in arm. There are several options available at most bakeries, or search the internet for a unique, all in white, modern figurine. Or, continue your magnolia theme and use three flowers gathered together with florist tape as the cake topper. Simple, yet beautiful!

Now you may be wondering about the attire for the attendants. The bride should be the only one dressed in white! Your attendants could wear dresses in pale gray, or a very pale blue. The groomsrnen could wear light gray tuxedos. The groom may opt to wear a tuxedo in a darker grey than his groomsrnen.

Keep it simple, but remember the details.

Charles Mingus said, "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity."

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