Save The Date Styles and Ideas

Save the dates can be styled in a lot of different ways. They definitely do not have to be a card that resembles your invitation. You want it to catch your guests’ attention and make them jot it down right away into their date book.

Some great ways to send these out are to use little cards with the month of your wedding printed up like a calendar. It shows the month of your wedding with the wedding date circled, or marked with a heart, or even punched out with a small hole-punch.

Magnets are super popular too because, they are easy and convenient. Guests just slap them on the fridge and they’ll be reminded of the wedding daily. Better yet, order calendar magnets!

Send out a photo save the date. Use a favorite picture of yourselves or an engagement photo if you have them, with the information on it. Kind of like these personalized holiday cards

Totally cute earth friendly options are personalized seed packets. This is a great idea for a spring or summer wedding. Blooming love anyone?

For the sugary sweet couple try beautiful personalized cookies. Be sure the note attached also has the date just as a reminder in case they eat the cookie right away!

Then there is photo booth save the dates. In each picture hold up a different sign something like: (1.) We’re getting married! (2.) So save the date! (3.) July 10th, 2010 (4.) More info to follow!

Typically you would send save the dates out about six months to a year prior to the wedding. Always, of course follow up with a formal invitation. Basically when it comes to a save the date you want to make sure it’s something they will remember at least until they get that invitation!

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