Rock and Roll Themed Wedding

Themed weddings are very popular and it makes sense since weddings are extremely personal. It’s no surprise that whatever you are passionate about will make an appearance at your wedding. With that said, something that has become more and more popular lately is Rock ‘n’ Roll weddings!  Here is some information on these weddings.


Use old school font for that funky rock ‘n’ roll style (view all typestyles). Or combo typestyles like are a new way to add a bit of flair to the wedding invitation. Using a lot of color would be a good way to convey a punk or punk pop look! Something a little more cutting edge would be an ultra modern black and white invitation like our AV 1034. For a rock and roll wedding keep your invitation wording more casual. This would be an great time to use some favorite song lyrics.


Dresses are popping up in an array of different colors. From white with subtle hints of pink, to red and even black! Colored crinolines are making there way under traditional white gowns. Girls are trading in their strappy silver high heels for hot pink Chuck Taylor’s. For guys, we see Chucks too, and exposed suspenders over dress shirts without suit jackets.

Hair and Makeup:

Does your man have a Mohawk? Do you have a rainbow of hair colors? Do you just love the idea of pin-up hair? Have fun with your hair and make up, be you! A rock ‘n’ roll wedding means overly done prom-type updo’s are not necessary, and neither is a short clean shave. Let him rock that goatee!


Live music definitely says rock n roll so, see if your fiance’s best friend’s band can play at the wedding or the reception. That’ll get some publicity for them, ensure you that the music will rock, and could serve as their gift to you. Everybody wins! You can use song lyrics as part of your vows. A rockstar like you, could totally get away with walking down the aisle to something other than the traditional wedding march, maybe your song as a couple or even your personal anthem.


The idea of stringing up old vinyl is pretty cool and just about every party supply store sells large musical notes that you could hang up. Look for skulls and sparrows to replace doves and roses on napkins and place settings.

Favors:Custom Guitar Pick Wedding Favors

Make your own temporary tattoos! You can either make your own by purchasing temporary tattoo paper or there are websites that will make them for you. You pretty much just have to upload your design and go from there. There are also places that will make personalized guitar picks, names and date is an awesome choice. Or do something like John ‘picked’ Sarah!

Don’t feel pressured to do the same old thing. This is going to be the most important party you two throw!

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