Retro Theme Wedding Part 1

Travel back in time to when rock ‘n roll came alive, love-beads were fashionable, peace was the sign of the day and flower power ruled!

Wedding Colors

Pastel tie-dye colors: pinks, yellows, blues, greens, purples and oranges. Use the rainbow for inspiration when choosing your wedding colors; really anything goes in a retro theme.

Wedding Attire

Brides from this time period typically wore short, lacey wedding dresses, go-go boots, pill-box hats with face netting and gloves. The bride’s bouquet was usually kept simple, since people were all about peace, love, harmony and protecting mother earth. Popular flowers were daisies and chrysanthemums. The groom could wear a velvet blazer, some sort of bell bottom pants, moccasins and a beaded head band. The bridesmaids could dress one of two ways, either in mini-skirts with go-go boots or in long flowing skirts with peasant blouses, crocheted vests and flower headbands. Have your bridesmaids carry wicker baskets filled with daisies and wildflowers instead of a bouquet of flowers. Groomsmen could wear tie-dyed T-shirts, bell-bottom pants, fringed vests, beaded headbands and moccasins. Try your local resale shops for vintage wedding dresses. Most have vintage clothes sections. You will probably be able to outfit your entire wedding party and save bundles of money!

Vintage Wedding Invitations

Choose a classic wedding invitation printed or embossed with daisies, sunflowers, freesia or wildflowers. If you are brave and want to make your own invitations, design your invitation with images associated with the era: Tie-dye, record album covers, yellow happy faces or peace signs.

Wedding Flowers

Daisies. chrysanthemums. baby’s breath, sunflowers and freesia were the flowers of choice. You can select one or two for your floral arrangements or use a variety of each. The arrangements shouldn’t look too arranged; they should be free spirited and fun looking.

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