Registry Information Revisited: What About Shower Invitations?

Last week we shared our thoughts on incorporating registry information into wedding invitations. While we consider this practice a major faux pas, it got us thinking about more etiquette issues surrounding wedding registries. Specifically, is it okay to provide registry information on a shower invitation?

A bridal shower is one of the only instances where it is OKAY to put registry information on an invitation. Since the tradition and main purpose of a bridal shower is to honor the bride-to-be with gifts to prepare for her new life as a wife, we can give the green light.

However, we much prefer the idea of including registry information on an accessory card tucked into the envelope to actually printing it on the invitation. An accessory card can also include a map or driving directions to the shower venue (always appreciated by guests) or can indicate additional special instructions (such as to bring a recipe say, for a kitchen shower).

Shower invitations are also much less formal than wedding invitations and very often incorporate language alluding to a gift theme. So in this case, it is certainly helpful to provide guests with guidance on where to purchase presents.

Ahhhh, the vagaries of etiquette!

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