Reception Schedule

Whether you are having a formal or informal wedding reception, it is important to plan ahead and establish a schedule of when you want certain things done. Planning out your reception ahead of time will save you from a lot of confusion and needless distractions on your wedding day. Here are some hints:

  • Put your schedule in writing and give it to all of your wedding vendors. Also, give this schedule to your wedding attendants and immediate family members so they know where they are supposed to be and when (i.e. for picture taking, formal announcements, or special dances).
  • Be as detailed as possible when preparing your reception itinerary. Include names, times, specific locations and song titles for special dances.
  • When putting together your schedule, don’t get too hung up on the exact times. The times on your schedule should act only as a guide and to keep things moving in the right direction and make sure that everything gets done.

The order of events is up to you, but should be firmly established ahead of time. For example, some brides prefer to do their first dance with their husband very early into the reception, before dinner is served. Other brides prefer to do it after dinner, when the real dancing begins. However, keep in mind that wedding guests should not begin dancing until after the bride and groom have their first dance. So, if you want people to begin dancing early in the reception, you will need to schedule the first dance right away.

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