Reception Ideas – Candy Buffets

Candy buffets are popping up everywhere and when done right they can be beautiful! It’s a fun and beautiful way to add some more sweets to your evening. If you are using the candy buffet in lieu of favors, you’re sure to please everyone.

Stopping at a table piled high with treats before heading home will ensure your guests have a very sweet ending to a night filled with love. Who doesn’t love a table beautifully decorated with mountains of candy? They’ll have to stop; they won’t be able to resist.

You have a million possibilities when choosing your candy. You can match the candies to the colors of your wedding. You can go with all white, or you could even just choose your childhood favorites. Rock candy on the little wooden swizzle sticks are a great choice because they come in nearly any color you can imagine.

Of course you do not have to use just candy. Anything candy or chocolate coated would work also, pretzels, raisins, etc.

Play around with flavors, choose ones that contrast and compliment. There are sweet and sour, hard and soft, or gummy, and chocolate. For around 150 guests, you may want to consider about 6-8 different candies and buy about 10-15 pounds of each. It sounds like a lot and it might even be a bit too much; however, little tiny pails of candy is not what we are going for here. Think big people! Even if it is too much, leftover candy is never an issue! Just remember that some candies may need to have their container labeled.

Make sure the table really catches your guest’s attention. Dress the table in your wedding colors. Use table cloths, tulle, a vase or two of flowers. Try different types of clear containers (glass or plastic, you know your guests best). Go for vases, fish bowls. Those huge martini and wine glasses, you get the idea. We’re looking for depth here! Now pile the containers full of your candies. Space the containers out so the guests can easily access the treats, which is a good reason to add some height to your display. Don’t keep all of your containers on one level, lift them up by sliding small boxes, upside down buckets, and/or milk crates under your table cloths. Make sure the openings of the containers are large enough for a scoop.

Include a small note on the table advising guests what this is. Add something cute, maybe even a little goofy. Such as “Sweet Dreams from the Mr. and Mrs.!” Make sure you place bags on the table and stickers to seal them with. Or small favor boxes that fold in.

Most important – have fun. Spending some time in the candy store picking out sweets and maybe sampling a few would be a great way to cut loose when the wedding planning starts taking a toll.

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