Please Take Your Seat

One of the first things you do when arriving at a reception is to look for your seat. Wow your guests by tying your place cards in with the overall tone of your big day.

At a big wedding it is sometimes difficult to find your seat. Add some flair and help your guests find their seats by making up really cute table number signs. Get creative and venture away from the typical white tented card with a number stamped on each side. A great idea is to tie the table numbers or names in with the overall feel of your wedding.

Table Numbers

You might consider painting the table numbers on the outside of vintage books. Use painter’s tape or stencils to make sure these turn out nice and neat. You can stand the books up and fan out the pages which will help them to stay standing up on the table.

If you have low lying centerpieces you could opt for purchasing inexpensive vintage ceramic plates and painting the table number on them. Then place them on small plate stands for easy viewing.

A very popular and whimsical new choice is that of printing pictures on paper tent cards. Use pictures of you and your beau at different stages in your life. For example use each of your High School senior pictures for table 18! Or use pictures of the two of you from different points through-out your relationship, think at the amusement park, on a camping trip etc. This allows the guests a nice view into your relationship as many guests won’t know the whole love story.

Table Names

Table names are a little bit of a twist on the typical table number idea. Naming your tables allows you yet another way to keep your dream day vision alive.

A romantic idea is to name the tables after popular streets located in the city you fell in love. Print out the table names on sheets of green paper with white lettering so that they look just like a street sign. Attach them to black painted wooden dowels and place them in pots filled with pebbles.

Want another bookworm option? Consider having the tables named after your favorite authors or novels. Print the cards up showing a picture of the author or the book cover the table is named after. Again print these up on tented cards

Music lovers might opt for naming tables after famous love songs. Print the titles out on large black disks of paper to resemble vinyl records. Attach these to black painted wooden dowels. Go total vintage and place inside glass coke bottles.

Whatever your personality or theme, there are plenty of ideas to help jazz up your guest’s hunt for their seat.

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