Outlook for the Future – 2010 Predictions

For the look ahead, keep your eyes out for more cake alternatives, whether it’s the new mainstay of lots of cupcakes or dessert bars as mentioned above. You may stumble across several small cakes spread out instead of one big cake. They may even appear as accents to your more traditional centerpieces.

Subtle hairstyles seem to be making a comeback on the wedding hair circuit. Soft flowing curls and romantic half up half down styles make your overall beauty look seem effortless. Add simple hairpieces or a small flower or two too keep things looking elegant.

Anticipate more and more creative takes on the non-book guest books. Let out your inner crafter and come up with your own unique spin on this new trend.

Continue to keep your eyes peeled for relationship timelines. These are only going to get more popular. Tie them in with the look of the rest of your stationery products. Your guests will enjoy learning about your courtship keep things light-hearted and not too in- depth.

What’s old is new again as always so ask your mother or grandmother what was popular when they got married. Think about using vintage pie plates and china to serve dinner on. You could use retro tea kettles as vases, and pin a cameo broach to the ribbon around your flower stems. Can’t decide on hairstyles? Have your maids wear pillbox hats, add a veil and wear one yourself!

Take advantage of all the new and exciting trends or make up your own. This is your wedding make sure it’s as unique as you two.

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