Non-Floral Bouquets

A bouquet is defined as a bunch or grouping of flowers. But today’s brides are showing us, you do not have to use flowers. “Bouquets” are popping up as bunches of many different pretty things.

Tissue or paper flowers are becoming a popular alternative. Think about the possibilities (especially if you are a crafty bride) you can have your wedding bouquet in any color or design imaginable. In this case you won’t fret about the cost of out of season flowers, you can make them yourself. There are a lot of websites that have tutorials on how to craft these up yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are you know someone who has the kind of patience and meticulous personality best suited for this task, as they can be just as fragile as real blooms, some maybe even more so.

Cute as a button doesn’t even begin to describe one of the newest trends, button bouquets! These just ooze with individuality! You can find these made by layering different sizes and shapes of buttons on bendable wire, or stitched on to flower shaped pieces of felt. These are certainly a crafters dream bouquet. Make sure you do your bicep work-outs before hand though, depending on the size and design of your bouquet, you could be dealing with a bit of weight to carry.

Are you having a winter wedding? Try out a Christmas ornament bouquet full of different size ball ornaments in metallics, soft pastels or even ones with glitter. The possibilities of different sizes, shapes, and colors seem to go on and on. Be careful to do it yourself on this project; broken glass does not lead to a holly jolly time.

These ideas are all terrific options for the couple or bridal party with allergies. Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to pay to have your flowers preserved.

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