Men’s Formal Wear Defined – Part 2

Shirt Collars:

  • Crosswyck-This collar style crosses in the front and is fastened with a shiny button.
  • Mandarin Collar-Also known as a band collar, this collar stands up around the neck and is the most contemporary-style tuxedo shirt. For those who don’t like to wear ties, this is the perfect choice for you!
  • Spread Collar-Resembles a standard button-front shirt but with a wide division between the points in front. The wider collar looks great with a Euro or standard necktie tied in a Windsor knot.
  • Wing Collar-This is the most formal choice and the collar style most worn with tuxedo jackets. It features a stand up collar with downward points.

Sleeve Cuffs:

  • French Cuffs, which are folded over and closed with cuff links
  • Cuffs that close with a button
  • Standard dress-shirt cuffs held together with cuff links

If you are dressing for a formal occasion, formal shirts call for cufflinks.


  • Ascot – This is a wide, formal tie that is usually patterned, folded over, and fastened with a stickpin or tie tack. It is usually reserved for ultra-formal daytime weddings and worn with a cutaway coat and striped gray trousers.
  • Bolo Tie – If you are having a Western-themed wedding, this string tie is just for you! It should not be worn with ultra-formal wear, but with more casual attire.
  • Bow Tie – Usually worn with a classic tux. They come in several colors besides basic black. White is reserved for ultra-formal events, while colored ties are suitable for any occasion.
  • Euro Tie – This is a cross between the ascot and the regular necktie. It is a long, square-buttoned tie knotted at the neck and worn with a wing or spread collar shirt. The Euro tie offers a more formal look without the fussiness of an ascot.
  • Necktie – You can also wear a classic tie with your tux, to create a more casual, yet elegant, wedding look. A silver or blue tie will be dressy enough for a tux.


  • Cummerbunds – These are pleated swatches of fabric worn around the waist when you’re not wearing a vest. They are usually basic black, but you can choose a colored cummerbund to match the bridesmaid dresses or the wedding colors.
  • Vests – Also known as waistcoats. They can be in any color, choose a white tie and waistcoat for an ultra-formal evening wedding. A colored waistcoat instead of a cummerbund is also acceptable.
  • Cuff Links – These can be used to add a personal touch to your wedding ensemble.

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