Men: Top 10 Tips for Proposing Marriage Part 1

  • Know the answer – Plan ahead; this is not a decision to be made on the spur of the moment. Think it through and don’t propose marriage unless you and your girlfriend have discussed marriage. Don’t rush out, buy a ring and surprise her with a marriage proposal when she is least expecting it. You might end up discouraged and hurt if her answer is no.
  • Timing is everything – Don’t plan on proposing when she is stressed or overwhelmed. You want to make sure she is in a good frame of mind when you are proposing. Make it a special time for both of you; don’t propose while she is standing in the bathroom brushing her teeth.
  • Ask permission – If you are a traditional kind of guy, ask her parents for their blessing before proposing to your girlfriend. They’ll appreciate the gesture and more than likely your bride-to-be will too.
  • Be creative – Even if you have discussed getting married, there is no reason you can’t still surprise her and make the proposal special. Choose a memorable place, song, or occasion that you shared together, such as where you first met or where you had your first kiss. Set a romantic tone with flowers, candles and champagne. Most importantly, keep it simple because the proposal story will be told over and over.
  • Don’t go overboard – Stay within your budget or financial capability. The general rule is that you should spend about twice your monthly salary on the engagement ring. Obviously if you can’t afford this then don’t do it. Buy what you can afford. Don’t forget that the proposal is made up of more than just the ring. Be sure to set some money aside for the restaurant or whatever your plans are.

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