Medieval Theme Wedding Part 5

Medieval Wedding Invitations

The most appropriate type of invitation for a medieval wedding is one made of ivory or beige parchment paper, with the announcement handwritten or printed in black calligraphy ink. The paper can be rolled and tied with a ribbon, napkin-like ring, or sealed with a gold seal or hot wax. This type of invitation can be costly, not only in supplies, but also in mailing. If you need a more cost effective solution, The American Wedding Album offers several invitation card styles to fit in with your medieval theme wedding and still fit your wedding budget for postage.

Music and Medieval Entertainment

Do your research and find out what types of instruments were used during the medieval era. See if you can find a musical group that specializes in medieval music. Go to you local library to find out about what games were popular during this time period, consider having a tournament or other competition. While medieval knights participated in contests like the joust and held tournaments involving various medieval weapons, these are not recommended unless your participants are professionals. Another popular, less violent form of medieval entertainment was the medieval court jester. If you can find a professional or a family member to pose as a jester, they can be great fun and extremely fitting for your medieval wedding banquet.

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