Medieval Theme Wedding Part 4

The Wedding Dress and Costumes

A medieval wedding dress and groom’s attire are essential. Your attire will all depend on whether you are planning on a peasant style or royalty style (or in between) wedding.

For the royal look, women should wear Victorian style dresses and the men should wear doublets, breeches and hose. The fabric should be rich, have elaborate touches and be bold, rich jewel-tone colors.

For the peasant look, men should wear tights, breeches, tunics, laced vests and boots while the women should wear a dirndl (outfit consisting of a close fitting bodice combined with an apron in a different color) and a flared skirt. The bridal dress can be made of two layers, an overdress called a cote-hardie and an under dress called a bliaut. The bliaut can come with side, back or front lacing. The sleeves could be flared or have large draped sleeves. The neck could be either square, round, or a v-neck. If you are looking for a true medieval wedding dress, pass up that white frock! Blue was the symbol of purity, not white. You could also merge the two traditions and wear a white medieval wedding dress with blue trim.

But where do you find such clothing? There are many options available to you. There are several companies that sell sewing patterns. Check your local craft/sowing center for available patterns. If you don’t sew, or don’t know anyone who can sew for you, another option is to go to a costume shop or theater group and see what they have. Look for a Renaissance Festival near you. There should be vendors where you can purchase or special order your dream medieval wedding dress or ensemble. Also, search the internet. There are hundreds of companies specializing in Medieval clothing and many can make custom dresses and grooms outfits. For brides seeking a more traditional dress, ask your bridal shop for gowns that have princess lines and drop waists.

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