Medieval Theme Wedding Part 1

The medieval era began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire around 400 A.D. and lasted throughout the 1300s. Medieval knights in shining armor, Camelot, the Canterbury Tales and the Crusades marked the medieval period. When planning for a medieval wedding theme, you will need to decide the following:

  • Where will it be held? You should choose a location that will compliment your medieval theme.
  • Do you want your wedding ceremony and reception held indoors, outdoors or both?
  • Do you want your guests to wear medieval costumes? If yes, do you want a peasant-style wedding theme (where everyone, including the bride and groom and wedding party dress in simple medieval costumes) or do you want everyone to dress in grand, royal costumes, complete with medieval weapons or weaponry decorations? You could also have a combination where the guests dress like peasants and the bride and groom dress like royalty.
  • What type of food will you serve? Will it be a sit-down or buffet dinner?

Over the next week, we will provide tips to help you answer these questions.

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