Joyful Celebration

Your wedding will undoubtedly bring on a wide array of emotions for everyone involved. There will be moments of extreme happiness, uncontrollable excitement, high levels of stress and sometimes even sadness. If you have lost a loved one recently, that loss will be felt very keenly during this time of family togetherness and celebration.

If you wish to acknowledge this loved one, do it in the spirit of remembrance. This will be your personal choice to include a passage of scripture or a special quote in the wedding program, or request that the officiant say a few words on your behalf.

Another way to include the memory of a deceased loved one in the celebration is to have a small table at the reception with a framed photograph of the family member, with a few items of memorabilia surrounding the picture. For instance, if your grandfather was an avid fisherman, place his tackle box near the picture. If your late grandmother loved quilting, arrange one of her creations on the table and place the framed photo of her on top. These are simple but very personal sentimental gestures that are appropriate for your celebration. It will remind others of happy memories.

A more subtle way to acknowledge a late loved one is through music. Discuss song selections with your organist and try to include favorites of your family member to the list of songs the organist will play while your guests are being seated. One bride did this by having a pianist play gospel music before the ceremony in honor of her father who had a passion for gospel music. It was a subtle way for everyone in the family to keep him in mind during the ceremony.

Honoring a deceased loved one at your wedding should he a remembrance that brings fond memories to mind. Honor their memory by reminding everyone of the joy they brought to the family and the joy that they would want to convey to the happy couple as you begin a new life together.

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