Invitation Wording Dilemma: Can I Put Registry Information on my Wedding Invitation?

While we like to consider ourselves modern gals, there are some new trends that we just can’t get behind. The practice of including registry or other gift preferences on wedding invitations is still a big no-no in our book.

“Now come on,” you might say. “Everyone knows that you’re supposed to give gifts at a wedding and aren’t we making things easier on our guests by providing them with our registry information?”

Nope. No way. Even on occasions when gifts are appreciated, or even expected, it’s just plain tacky to imply that you require guests to bring gifts as “admission” to your celebration. Weddings are an excellent example of “expected” gift-giving occasions. And while we can certainly appreciate the convenience of gift registries (a practice that my grandmother considered the height of bad taste!), etiquette dictates that references to our gift preferences must be carefully chosen and discreet.

That’s not to say you have to rely solely on word of mouth to clue your guests in to where to find your china pattern and sheet sizes. An excellent option for the modern bride is to include a dainty accessory card in the invitation packet guiding guests to your wedding Web site. (By the way, TGK is partnering with in the development of FREE wedding Web sites featuring some of our most popular design motifs! We’ll be blogging about this fun venture next week, so stay tuned… )

This strategy keeps the bridezilla-esque reference to gifts off the invitation while directing guests to a helpful resource for information on everything from hotel options and driving directions to–yes–registry information. Now if only we could find a tactful way to keep Aunt Louella from wrapping up that ugly swan vase as your wedding gift and passing it off as a “family heirloom” …

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