Inside Scoop: When to Order Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations should be ordered at least 4 months (and as far out as 6 months) before the wedding date. This schedule not only allows time for the printing process, but also provides you with time to address, mail, and receive RSVPs.

Timelines for other wedding stationery items you may be considering vary on when they need to be ordered. General guidelines for common items include:

• Save the Dates: Can be sent anywhere from 6 months to a year in advance of your wedding and should be one of the first items marked off your wedding planning to-do list.

• Wedding Programs and Table Stationery: Printed items that will be used on the day of the wedding can wait until a bit closer to the event. The ideal timeframe is 4-8 weeks in advance, since you do not have to factor in time for mailing and responses.

With this time frame in mind, at TGK right now we are working on wedding invitations for brides tying the knot in November, December, and January. And we’re printing up day-of stationery for brides marrying in September and October.

Of course, if you’ve let time slip by – or if you’re opting for a short engagement – you’re not out of luck! We can always work with brides who need to put a rush on things. (I admit to being one of those brides who didn’t even think about my wedding programs until the week before my wedding! Oh, to know then what I know now …)

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