Inside Scoop: What is a “Pocket” Invitation?

One of the most popular trends in wedding invitations is the pocket style invitation. A pocket invitation provides an elegant holder for the various pieces of stationery that may arrive with a typical wedding invitation. It’s a handy yet lovely way for guests to keep items such as maps, reception information, and response cards neatly together while maintaining the carefully chosen look of your overall invitation design.

Pocket invitations are particularly useful for brides who need to provide a good deal of information to their guests. For couples welcoming out of town revelers, providing details on hotel options, weekend itineraries, and driving directions is a critical, yet complicated task. By choosing a pocket invitation, brides can customize multiple accessory cards to convey these particulars neatly and with style, all without sullying the design of the invitation itself.

Pocket invitations have also gained popularity because of the uniqueness and lushness of their modern layered look. For brides seeking a departure from traditional wedding stationery standards, the pocket invitation provides a fresh take that can still be customized to match personal styles, from the most conservative to the most contemporary. Those of us in the paper biz love pockets too, probably because they allow us to incorporate more of the beautiful papers we love working with! Pockets allow designers to play with additional elements that contribute to the overall beauty of the invitation suite.

Pocket invitations continue to rank as one of our most popular styles, in part because the designs can vary as much as our brides!

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