Inside Scoop: Trusting Online Wedding Vendors

For many brides these days, ordering online is as easy as tying your shoes. But there are still many brides out there (and many mothers-of-the-bride!) who remain leery of ordering from a “site unseen,” pardon the pun. Especially for items that represent a significant portion of the wedding budget – and are critically important to get exactly right, like invitations and programs – the idea of working with a vendor you haven’t met face-to-face can be intimidating.

Whether you use the Internet simply to find local vendors, or if you orchestrate every last detail of the big day from behind your laptop, you should research and interview every person and company you hire with the same diligence. There’s no reason to shy away from an online vendor if you’ve thoroughly vetted their qualifications and examined their previous work, just as you should do with a local provider. If a company has been around for a while, has clearly defined policies and procedures outlined on their Web site (including policies if things don’t go according to plan), and can provide references from satisfied clients, you should feel comfortable hiring them.

When Kristen and Melissa launched The Green Kangaroo, they never imagined that 90% of their business would soon be through the Internet! Their vision of an intimate, studio-style shop (which still exists today in all its pink and green glory), quickly transformed into a booming online operation with clients from across the country and overseas. They’ve found at TGK that providing exceptional service and products isn’t so much about the medium in which we interact with our clients. It’s about conveying TGK’s sophisticated style, and laid-back ease to each and every customer, whether she’s right down the road in Cary, North Carolina or across the pond in jolly old England. To make your relationship work with any of your wedding vendors, strong communication is the key!

We’ll be talking more on the blog about specific questions you should ask wedding invitation vendors. In the meantime, for a great resource on interviewing all different types of vendors, check out where they’ve developed a free e-book called the “Wedding Vendor Hiring Guide” with tons of helpful tips for ensuring you’re hiring a consummate professional, whether online or around the corner. To find vendor ratings, reviews and to other helpful info, we also recommend the following great online resources:

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