How to Avoid Invitation Mistakes Part 1

Your wedding invitations will be your first chance to make an impression on your guests. Its sole purpose is to not only inform them of the date, time and location of the wedding ceremony and reception, but to also set the tone of the wedding or let them know your theme. So it is very important to make sure your invitations are worded correctly. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when wording and sending out your wedding invitations:

  • You should not order your invitations until the details of your wedding have been finalized. The wedding date, time and location must all be confirmed in order to have accurate information on your invitations.
  • When you are ready to write your invitation wording and start shopping for that perfect wedding invitation, make sure you convey the formality of your wedding to your guests. They want and need to know what kind of wedding you will be having and your wording and choice of wedding invitation will convey this information to them.
If you are planning a formal wedding, you should choose a wedding invitation that is either white or ecru, with no color accents. It should have no border, or a simple beveled border. Avoid invitations with motifs like flowers, birds, and hearts. An example of formal wording is:
The honour of your presence is requested at the marriage of
Bride’s full name
Groom’s full name
For less formal weddings, you can choose an invitation with color accents and motifs. You wording would read something like this:
Because you have shared in their lives
by your friendship and love
your presence is requested as Bride’s full name
Groom’s full name
exchange marriage vows
If you are having a themed wedding, you can incorporate this in your choice of wedding invitation and wording. For example, if you are having a beach-themed wedding, choose an invitation with a beach scene, shells, lighthouse, etc. Your wording can also convey your theme. For example:
Friends forever we will be
whether walking on the beach
or sailing on the sea…
Please be our guest as we
Bride’s full name
Groom’s full name
join together in marriage
on Saturday, the first of August
Two thousand and nine
at five o’clock in the afternoon
on the beach at Grand Haven State Park
Grand Haven, Michigan


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