How the Wedding Colors Began

The idea of having different colors for your wedding invitations is not a new one. The tradition of wedding colors dates back several centuries. Legend says that the bride, groom and the wedding party used to walk to the church together. In order to trick rejected suitors and evil wishers who wanted to kidnap the bride the bridesmaids would dress like the bride.

Another legend is that since each color means something different you wanted to pick colors that meant love, happiness and good fortune. Here is an example of an old wives’ tale:

  • If you marry in white then you’ve got it right
  • If you marry in blue then your love is true
  • If you marry in pink your fortune will stink
  • If you marry in green then you’ll never be seen
  • If you marry in red then you’ll wish you were dead
  • If you marry in yellow then you’re ashamed of your fellow
  • If you marry in brown then you’ll live out of town
  • If you marry in gray then you’ll live far away
  • If you marry in black then you’ll wish you were back

The idea of wedding colors has obviously evolved through the years. It now really only has to do with adding beauty to the wedding. Here are a few tips that you will want to remember when choosing your wedding colors.

  1. Choose your colors based on your favorite colors or your favorite flower. Look at the colors you have in your wardrobe and in your home. Those are more often than not your favorite colors and the ones you feel most comfortable with. If you choose based on your favorite flower then that is a flower you will want to use in your bouquets.
  2. Choose one main color and one or two accent colors. You do not want to go overboard when it comes to wedding colors. Really when it comes to the colors, less is more. The more colors you have the more distracted the guests will be. It is your day, so you want the focus to be on you, not the five or six different colors.
  3. Take into consideration the season in which you are getting married. For spring and summer weddings it is customary to use pastel or bright colors. For fall and winter weddings it is customary to use either harvest colors or deeper, darker colors.
  4. Make sure to consider the colors of the location. You do not want your wedding colors to clash with the colors of the location. Your pictures and everything about the day will turn out badly.
  5. Avoid too much black. It is ok to have black as one of your wedding colors, but remember this is supposed to be a celebration not a funeral. If you are using black you might want to use it as an accent color or balance it with white or other bright colors.
  6. Probably the most important tip when it comes to color is do not lose your personality. Do not pick a color just because of the season or location. This is your day and it is your wedding. Pick a color that you like.

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