Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Photo booths have become quite big in the world of wedding photography. They are very entertaining and the unique, goofy, and even beautiful images captured make the time and trouble of hosting one well worth it. You can either make one yourself or rent one from a company. Hiring a photographer to help with the mechanics of it and man the actual camera is a good idea. This is an especially good idea if you are going D-I-Y on this.

There are plenty of how to tutorials online that can help guide you as to exactly how you should build and assemble an actual photo booth. Otherwise an easy option would be to just hang a large sheet of fabric up and or nail it to a free wall. Choose a solid color that fits in your wedding color schemes. Please be sure to place the booth somewhere out of the way as you don’t want your caterers or guests constantly having to go around it and the line of people surrounding it.

Renting one if your budget will allow, is definitely a good idea as pretty much everyone has used a photo booth before. Also, you know the pictures will come out right away and will not have to fret that you cannot troubleshoot your equipment. Definitely do not forget to ask how many pictures you can take during your allotted rental time most companies will place a limit. Just make sure that you look into what is best for your style and your budget.

A fun idea would be to have a table out with markers and glue sticks where the guests can paste their photos into a book and write a note to you. Kind of a guest book and photo album in one!

Be sure to have a bucket of props nearby. Full of big hats, large photo frames to hold up, silly glasses, and of course the ever popular mustache on a stick. Photo booths allow your guests to have a good time and really leave you with an idea of how much fun everyone else had on your special day.

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