Halloween Themed Wedding – Part 3

Halloween Decorations:

It is not hard to find Halloween decorations. Every store should carry sort assortment during the month of October. For a less commercialized atmosphere, you might prefer Halloween decorations from nature’s bounty. Create lovely centerpieces from pumpkins, dried flowers, and leaves. Or set an orange or black pillar candle in a hurricane lamp and fill around the candle with cranberries, bittersweet berries, or dried Indian corn. Carved pumpkins with tea lights inside also make wonderful Halloween centerpieces. Large pumpkins, carved and not carved, and cornstalks can be arranged throughout your reception area. Jack-o-lanterns can become your central decorating attraction. Use wired ribbons in your wedding colors to add decorative accents to your arrangements and to make bows to accent doorways, tables, pews, and the aisle. Don;t forget to decorate with ghosts, witches and goblins, but be sure to keep in mind that not everyone likes these kinds of things. The last thing you want to do is frighten a child or offend a guest with your choice of decorations. Consider having a spice or pumpkin wedding cake and serve hot, spiced cider to your guests. For a bit of entertainment, you might plan a traditional Halloween game of bobbing for apples.

Halloween Party Favors:

Halloween themed favors are also available in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Here are just a few Halloween party ideas that might be a bit more personalized:

  • Miniature pumpkins with your names written in gold paint
  • Small Trick-or-Treat bags filled with candy corn, or other Halloween candy and tied with a black or orange ribbon.
  • A canning jar filled with nuts, dried fruits, candy corn, or other Halloween candy. Finish off the jar by wrapping it in tulle and tie with a ribbon matching your wedding colors
  • Votive holder shaped in fun Halloween shapes and placed at each place setting
  • Small sachets filled with autumn-scented potpourri
  • Use bright-colored plastic cookie cutters in fun Halloween shapes as napkin rings for your table settings. Write the bride and groom’s names and wedding date on the cookie cutters in gold or silver marker pen. Guests keep the cookie cutter as a memento of your wedding.

Ideas for a Halloween themed wedding are only limited by your imagination. Hopefully these Halloween wedding theme ideas will inspire you to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding.

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