Getting Married on the Beach Part 3

  • Take a trip to the beach at the time of day you wish to have your ceremony. Test the noise to see if there is loud traffic from the road. Are their a lot of noisy seagulls around? What about the sound from the crashing waves? All these noises can drown out the ceremony. Next, test the smell.. .that’s right.. .the smell! Some beaches smell bad during certain periods of the day and certain times of the year. The last thing you want is for your special day to be ruined by a bad odor.
  • If the wedding is being held in the evening, how bad are the mosquitoes? How can you control them and other bugs?
  • How windy is it on that particular beach? Is it a gentle breeze or heavy winds? A breeze is nice to keep the bugs away and cool guests off, but a heavy wind can cause many problems.
  • Will you be setting up tables or use picnic blankets on the sand? How will you keep sand and other debris out of your food? Will there be chairs set up at the ceremony for the guests? Who will you hire to do this? Who will you get to take everything down and clean up the beach after the wedding?

By answering all these questions and having a good strategy, you will avoid many unpleasant surprises at your beach wedding. Many couples don’t realize all the work involved in planning this type of wedding.

If you find planning your entire wedding on a beach to much trouble, consider having just the ceremony on the beach and inviting a few close friends and family, and then moving to an indoor location for the wedding reception. More people can be invited to the reception than the wedding. There are many decorations and ideas that you can incorporate to give the reception area a nice beach theme without it having to actually be outside on the beach. Either way, beach theme weddings can be very romantic and memorable for both the wedding couple and the guests. Just make sure you plan wisely to avoid as many complications as possible.

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