Getting Married on the Beach Part 2

In addition to the rules and regulations concerning the use of beaches, you will find there are many other considerations you will need to take into account when planning your beach wedding. Here are some additional questions you will need answers to when planning your wedding:

  • Will there be live or recorded music for the ceremony and/or reception? Is there an available power source for microphones, electric instruments, etc.?
  • Do you want a sunrise, sunset or early evening ceremony? It is best not to have your ceremony during the heat of the afternoon. Not only will it be uncomfortable for your guests, but beaches tend to be crowded during this time of the day. If you are having an evening wedding, remember it also cools down considerably on the beach in the evenings. Be sure to remind your guests to bring sweaters, jackets and some blankets just in case.
  • What is the tide schedule? How high does the tide get at that particular beach? You will need to plan your wedding time around the tides. You don’t want to have to suddenly pack up and leave the beach because the tide is coming in and you didn’t foresee this.
  • As you’ll probably be planning your wedding several months in advance, you’ll need to determine the type of weather that normally occurs around your wedding date. What will you do if it rains or if the day is unusually cold or extremely hot? You will need to prepare a backup plan for these situations. Be sure to include inclement weather plans with your wedding invitations. It can be included on the invitation itself, or on an enclosure card. However, if the day begins beautifully and then suddenly the weather changes, where will your guests go to get out of the elements? Are there nearby facilities that can be used to continue the wedding celebration?

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