Fun and Flair

No two weddings are alike. Weddings are events that should exude the personalities of the bride, as well as the groom. Often the smallest details are those that your guests most notice. Consider using feathers in all of the floral arrangements. The light weight effect and gentle movement of the feathers will add to the aura but will not add much to your bottom line.

Another low cost detail is to use mirrors for the base of all the centerpieces. The reflection of light from the candles or sunshine will be an added attraction to any reception. Check out your local home improvement store for plain mirror tiles that are commonly used on walls. This purchase will definitely be kind to your budget. And after the party is over you may choose to use them to decorate your new home.

Perhaps you or your fiancée are big fans of M&M candies. Small glass candy dishes on all the tables filled with these goodies will bring smiles and satisfy the sweet tooth. M&Ms will also take special orders so you can have the candy made in your wedding colors, as well as have your names imprinted on each tiny morsel. This detail will most definitely be noticed, and again, it is not as expensive as you might think.

If you are animal lovers, you may want to include some sort of recognition of your beloved dog. Order cookies in the shape of your breed of dog, and have one at every place setting at the reception. This will be a very sweet detail that will surely get praise from every other animal lover.

The idea that a wedding is a wedding and it has all been done before could not be more wrong. Put your own personal imprint on every aspect of your wedding — from the ceremony, to the reception. Be creative and make the usual unique to you, but always keep the budget in mind.

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