Featured Site: Wonderful Graffiti Wedding

As is so often the case in the Internet surfing I call “business research,” I’ve come across another idea of something I wish I’d done for my own wedding all those years ago.Wonderful Graffiti Wedding produces designs, monograms, meaningful quotations – pretty much anything you can think of – on very thin pieces of matte vinyl that can be easily attached to (and easily removed from) smooth surfaces. I love the idea of customizing a focal wall in a reception site with the new couple’s monogram! Or carrying an element of your wedding theme (a customized graphic from TGK of course!) even further by enlarging and posting it where guests enter. You can even have your menu printed and displayed on the wall behind the buffet! Endless possibilities …

Check out Wonderful Graffiti Wedding and let us know if you decide to “tag” your wedding with some graffiti of your own!

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